Aprio has a team of highly experienced specialists, based in Johannesburg and Cape Town and London, who have the expertise to support a broad offering of communication requirements.

We are leaders in stakeholder communication activities, among them employee and media relations, and we develop tailored communication plans, messaging and collateral that are determined by our clients’ overall strategic drivers. We take a tactical approach and are mindful of how our service influences market value and complements overall business strategy.


Our skilled, experienced and highly-regarded communications specialists assist clients with relevant, responsible and comprehensive communication strategies that enhance their corporate profile and competitiveness. We follow a tested, six-step process that begins with stakeholder identification and ends with ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Counsel at c-suite level to South Africa’s leading businesses has, in many instances, evolved into a closely aligned strategic partnership that goes beyond the delivery of a communications service.


We develop co-ordinated, consistent, clear messaging, whether it’s a matter of distilling c- suite thinking into its clearest reflection, or creatively crafting organisational narratives that excite, engage and entertain. We then enhance brand credibility by ensuring messaging is consistently disseminated across appropriate communications platforms, from multimedia digital magazines to podcasts, social media to strategically placed op-eds as well as other traditional media initiatives.


Built through years of experience at the highest level, our relationships in the South African media are second to none. We have become synonymous in the media industry with corporate action representation (including acquisitions, disposals, mergers, IPOs, fund/debt raisings and issue management). Our staff includes ex-editor-level journalists, so we know what gets attention and traction. From press releases to media roundtables and op-eds, we make sure your story gets heard.


Aprio has been involved with the strategic definition, planning and implementation of numerous employee and community-engagement programmes. From businesses with a few dozen staff, to companies employing many thousands of people spread across a diverse geographic base, each process starts with ensuring a clear objective that the company wishes to achieve over the allocated time span of the strategy, and encompasses implementation, management, and, crucially, monitoring and feedback.


The market rewards effective communication, visibility and transparency in the long run. Investor Relations (IR), done right, bridges the gap between capital allocation today and the creation of long-term value. Aprio Investor Relations (Aprio IR) has the tested, multi-sectoral expertise to help you concisely communicate your story, clarify the investment case and close the perception gap in order to attain a fair market valuation.

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We live in a highly volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous and connected world. Crises develop more rapidly, and can have a more profound effect, than ever before. To protect your most valuable strategic asset - your reputation - you need trustworthy counsel with clear perspectives, decisive analysis, sound judgement and most importantly, unparalleled experience. Aprio Credence is a member of the Aprio Group, bringing the ethical and consulting standards of the world's leading professional services firms to the fields of reputation management and corporate communications.

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Aprio Digital, a division of the Aprio Group, enhances your corporate reputation through the creation, distribution and monitoring of fit-for-purpose digital content in a strategically considered, coherent and consistent way. Aprio Digital’s team of digital content producers and developers will align your messaging with your overall reputational objectives and intentions, across digital platforms.

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Game-changing international cooperation and trade agreements mean businesses are better able to operate seamlessly across the region and access substantially larger markets. If you’re looking to expand or consolidate across Africa, Aprio ARM will ensure that your reputational and communications objectives are achieved seamlessly and effectively at continental scale.

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