SteelMatters more than you know

The Brandwatch digital measuring and evaluation tool has enabled Aprio and its client - the South African Iron and Steel Institute (SAISI) - to build an informed view among key stakeholders on the role the steel industry is playing in the South African economy.


The tool made it possible for the Aprio Digital team to conduct an assessment of the numerous conversations about the South African steel industry over the past year (Feb 26, 2021 - Feb 01, 2022) and is serving as a baseline to measure the success of Aprio’s strategic communications campaign over the coming months.


It has provided information about the real growth potential for the industry and where the steel industry can add value to South Africa’s much needed growth and development, while also addressing the various challenges being faced.


Brandwatch Assessment (Feb 26, 2021 - Feb 01, 2022)

The information has also enabled Aprio to clarify and define messaging that SAISI is using to educate and inform the sector, and other steel industry participants in the country. The channels used are largely SAISI’s social media platforms, which is ideal to motivate the carefully considered audience to share interesting steel facts among their own constituents. The platform’s following has seen steady growth over the past few months, attracting many close industry followers.


A monthly “SteelMatters” newsletter provides some insightful steel statistics and analysis of the current steel market, both locally and abroad.


There is a traditional media campaign underway and the Aprio team also prepared the first of a series of articles covering topics such as:  A healthy economy needs a healthy steel industry and A real commitment to infrastructure will revitalise SA construction and SA steel (linked to SONA).


An exciting development in the coming months will be the publication of the SAISI-produced ‘South African Steel Report’. This first-of-its-kind report for South Africa will provide an informed snapshot of the South African Steel Industry, its challenges and opportunities, and the sector’s outlook. We hope that the report will grow into a useful, sought-after and regularly produced resource that positions SAISI as a major contributor to the development of South Africa.